Gastric pain

I was suffering diarrhea and nauseating for long hours. The stomached is so unusual and at the center of my tummy, some sort like gastric pain? The pain is very torturing until I couldn't sleep the whole night. and today, after marketing class, I took my lunch but then I vomited the whole things. I just couldn't stand the pain anymore. Hence decided to visit doctor and skip class (MC).

Fortunately there's nothing serious happened to me. The doctor pressed my tummy for 3 times and asked a few questions. He said I'm just suffering gastric pain due to the spicy foods that I taken for dinner last night (I had a very palatable Thai foods for dinner though) plusss I always take my meal so not on time =.=' (kena marah).. So, no spicy foods, butter and cheese for the next few days. I only can take porridge and some soft thingy. Don't know whether if his diagnosis is reliable, let's see.

Haiz. ^.^'

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