my 1st day of raya wasnt as fun as the previous year
i'm trying hard to adopt with the culture here

*it was great to meet dayana again after 2years*

today ws supposed to be our monthly anniversary.
imyfn.forgive me for everything.


Embun Pagi said...

(: do not give up with him Ara, harap tidak, sebab hakim suka sangat tengok korang kalau berdua, berdua itu lebih baik, AB and FN sangat sangat comel kalau berdua. though saya tak kenal FN.

Usah putus asa tahu Kakak Ara!

Ara said...

im not giving up on him adik hakim.i have tried my best. terima kasih. biar tuhan tentukan jodoh kami. slgi sy msh syg, sy akan tunggu. :) thank you atas sokongan adik hakim ishak :)

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