STOP acting like u know me. You DON'T.

Sometimes, I wonder why people care much to talk behind my back. People think i honestly don't care what they have to say about me. They couldn't possibly realize how much I care. every comment hurts, and even though i can put on a brave face, it doesn't mean i dont feel the sadness.

Dear people (u know who u are) , pls stop spreading any rumors about me. I may not have the happiest family and i may not the kindest girl that u ever met, but please, stop talking bad before u know me well. and one more, being single doesnt make me a player or bitch or slut. mark my words! pleasssssse...

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Anonymous said...

poor ara..
xpe nanti kte pegi belasah org2 tuh eh!!
suka2 je nak judge ara diorang tuh!hehe :)
sabar ok sayang

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