The Ghost Must Be Crazy :D

Location: BP Mall
Date: 9 April 2011
Awatif Aushey, Fateen Nadea and Athirah Azizah :)

yeah after few months of not meeting them, finally Daydeque dah tempah saya sejak seminggu yang lalu. hihi. So all of my plan need to be cancelled so that I can spend my time with her.
But its worth it since I had a good laugh,good conversation and good company.I love you people.
Btw, the movie was totally hilarious! (: Good choice Daydeque! No more Iran movie ok :P
fine, we have to admit that Ateen memang tinggi. *jealous much! -.-

Okay-okay, pantang nampak cermin. Hahahahaha :D
Daydeque Demok, Ara Durus :P

p/s: che Aw sweet gila beli Big Apple, then lukis gambar hati siap ada anak panah. haha.
Happy aniversary Che Aw dan Amie :)

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