Cleverness Is Not Wisdom?


There are a lot of things.

Things with a plan,things with a second thought. Things to align, things to compromise. Things to be careful, things to be taken care of..Things need to be sensible, things need to be rational. Things with tolerance, things with patience. Things that seek for a start, things that seek for an end..

You may not have realized it, how do you know when it is all just too much to bear?

A rest is needed...I need to rest in peace..

Fall trees are everywhere.. Autumn ends, could it be?

What am I talking about? ..
Hahah. Sorry for being too emotional lately.
I need a shoulder to release on.
Okay shut up ara. Darn it!
Yep I better stop cursing right now.
I'm off..

The black sheep,


Lee_85 said...

are you okeng cutey?

NymNym said...

ara, asal neh?
tak okay kee?

Anonymous said...

sape buat sape buat sape buat sape buat?????????????????????????????????

ara. said...

syg lah korang weh :)

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