Hi darlings! hee. So sorry for the idling blog, but no worries I'm back now! (for now only lol).Right I've been away for these few days due to internet problem. So I'm gonna write what was happened these previous days randomly.

Last thursday,I met Iqi in Midvalley. Well actually mid was not that fun,bcz we just chat, companied him having his fav meal McD until I finished my Rebina :]
Then we followed my friend (Diyana Amira) looking for her new shoe. After that just 'lepak'ing at secret recipe and mengumpat. Ok this is the best part where we both 'jalan2 around kl';] kan iqi? hehehe. Okay, stop there. shhh!

and I met Mira & Yusufe too.
Mira looks skinny than the last time I met her (2 weeks ago). Hey hey, Mira got a love letter from Yusuf. funny funny..

Last friday, upu results came out. Guess what I got? Technology Management (Construction) in UTHM. I had no idea what the course is all about and it wasn't in my list at all.What to do? *Sigh* Firdaus was calling me buruh. Cis! Not just him, but some other friends too.

How do you feel when someone younger confessed that he/she loves you? junior?oh no no.
too late,I'm taken by duyung tak sexy <3
p/s: Aiman, back off! HAHAHAH

Yesterday, I was busy helping Kak Zura doing her lab job and we done cutting 400 plates of agar into small pieces.
Around 5.30pm, we went to padang kota damansara to play LAYANG2!
:] Then we went to Giant to get some groceries.

Last night, Kak Diyana, Am and abg Sham came to play guitar hero. They bought a new cd. Metallica's song! Rock gila weyhhh & bising!
Today, nothing much lol.My mom brought Kak Zura to clinic cz she got fever and I was playing game alone.In the evening, Kak Nis balik! :) Hooray!

My dear Ivin is leaving me to Redang with other friends. Have fun dear :]
I miss my sweetheart Anym&Zetty damn much! I found that Nym is having her new hair cut. Obviously she looks younger and cuter.

gtg. bye ;]

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