Final exam =S

I have again, failed to keep my blog updated on a regular basis :( And I can see that my updates are getting worse, post by post. Sigh. What has happened to me? I used to blog away happily few months ago and everything just come spilling out effortless. But now, it just seems to take me a friggin longgg time just to come up with something. Writer's block. That's what they call it. Anyway, I really feel bad and do apologies to those that has been here (or some might have given up) to check on me and to find nothing, but an ancient post hanging here. Though I know this is not the first time and definitely won't be the last, but I still wanna say that I'll try to update as often as possible k! :)

Wait wait, or may be I think the last statement will only apply after I'm back and settled down with unexpected assignments and the upcoming exams. oh ya.. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

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