semester break ;]

I just really cant wait to go home. i have done packing, and sumbat everything yang nak tinggal in my bloody tiny locker.omg. feel like crying to see Cik Bun terkepit dlm locker tu. If she's a human being, she must probably dead bcoz lemas sesak nafas & remuk tulang after a month. gonna miss you my buncit~ :'(
meja study, just leave it like that lol. what else to do? hmm~ no more precious photossssss on the board there becoz the staff are going to check our house while we are away. just wanna make sure that i'm leaving my place neat and clean :]

supposedly my ticket is : this afternoon, 1.30pm. but i really cant manage to settle my other things regarding to house key..

and finally, myleg's condition~ getting better kot :)
tp...kaki berkurap~ ahah! bongok.

last word, imissFirdaus :'(

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