i need my good friends,i feel alone

yaa~ people said it is better to keep silent rather than tell people about your problems.but, i'm just a human being who need someone to understand my feeling. though people can see how happy i am, how big my smile is, how bright my eyes, but people don't understand. what else do i can say. its hurt when u love your friends so much but they just ignore u like u dont even exist in their entire life. maybe..they are just too adorable to be left by other people around them, maybe. they never felt how lonely this life could be, without no one aside to hold, to share and to laugh with. how hurt of being alone in a far place, been treated so bad by the people that u think can be your 'new'friends. they never feel that..reading lynne's msg,the first word came out into y mind " suck! ".. whatever it is, i love my friends, nymph msf, ssf, and i need them, i dont care, any of them because right now, i feel so alone.
;'( and firdaus, i miss you so damn freaking much.

last, happy eid mubarak.

love, arafah.

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