hello. i'm in johor now.
done with my first class today. eh, my first class of this sem laaa. hehe.
having lunch with fitri and azim.
fitri is the only bestfriend that i ever had in my uni. to be honest, my life would suck without him here. aiseh, macam lagu la pulak. haha.
bosannya life kat sini.
later on still got class at 4 and tonight at 9. we are still arranging our schedule, trying hard to change all the night classes. tapi chances tu sgt tipis. budak2 ex diploma ni banyak clash lah plak jadualnye. huhhh...
i am finally manage to check my full result. lupe pulak ramai yang tanya my pointer tp ta bgtahu kan. hehe. okey okey la. 3.17 sahaja. tak dpt dean list pon. tak pandai macam korang.hmm..benci lah wat degree. rase nak balik ambil spm je. lg senang.
this semester, i want to be in the dean list..
cakap je lebih, effort tade, nak buat ape, kan? haha.

semalam, had fun with ivink, annabeth, and lubby <3
serta capik and shy too :) itasya didn't come. :'(

zetty is back to malaysia. i'm planning to back to kl again to meet her. bile? haha. idk, i'll try.
starting to miss my good friends. and again, firdaus is gone. huhu.

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