Ugly but adorable ?

Was arguing with a friend about this cute thing-y where he kept telling that he's sick of that word.He doesn't want ppl calling him cute tho in fact, I really think he is. LOL.and finally, he posted this to my twitter,

hahaha. Honestly I've heard this before but never been agreed with that. Cute - is ugly but adorable. What a contradicting sentence ! How can u be ugly and adorable at the same time?

If that's the case, then this is the cutest thing I've found. Haha. Its pretty ugly but its petite size made it adorable. Is it? euwww. Anyway, my point of writing this post is to tell everyone that cute is NOT ugly but adorable.

Whenever somebody tells me that the definition of cute is ugly but adorable, I can conclude how high their intelligence level is. there is no such thing as ugly but adorable! That thing up there is ugly and its not even cute. i dont even want to touch it! most likely, I will just stomp that thing to death instead. Hahaha.

So dear friends, pls stop saying that cute means ugly but adorable. It's the same as telling me that u have a head but there's no brain in it.

I'm gonna break this non-sense n for all.I took out my dctionary n flipped to the definition for the word 'cute' and it says that cute means being attractive especially by means of smallness or prettiness or quaintness. I know u're referring to Oxford's dictionary no matter what edition it is, I don't care. Because, for me, cute doesn't mean ugly but adorable. And cute, is equal to this:




Anonymous said...

hollaa.. can i know who's this guy name? :) muka nmpk familiar lahh

Ara said...

its hashridz :)

Anonymous said...

dia stay kt ampg ke? sbb i rse die mcm jiran i je. hoho :O

Ara said...

yes :)

Anonymous said...

ohhh so btul lah die ni my neighbor. ahaha. i pon tak tau nama btul die sape. just tau nickname die jee. hehe. anyway thnks reply my comments :)

Ara said...

your welcome :)

Adela Tahir said...

that guy cute gila lah Ara. kirim salam !!

Ara said...

haha insyaallah :)

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