doodle doodle

hello. i'm actually blogging now while waiting for ivin. we promised to ym tonight but i have to wait till she finish watching with her handsome lil brother and adorable sisters. :)

so today, i spent most of my time doodling people. it was all started when yda told me that she dedicated her drawing to her boyf. i was curious then i asked what is that? it was actually an application from fb where we can doodles and send it to our first, it was a bit hard for me that i made lot of mistakes then i will erase and erase && finally start all over again. =.=' but, yeah you know, practice makes perfect. after several trials, i finally manage to draw a picture of yda,nymnym,abg fadli,lynne & firdaus. of coz my favorite is:

because this is the hardest.i spent almost 6hours just doing this.but its really worth you know! see see, its cute,right? creative tak ara? hehe :D

p/s: i really love you Fn


daniamira said...

i loike this.
k ara mmg kreatif =)

NymNym said...

sumpah comel gile :)

Hakim Ishak said...

oh my god,
oh my goddddddd
sweeet gilaaaaaa

Ara said...

dania; thankyou nanny. :)

nymnym; ty syg, imy :'(

hakim; haha awak nnti buat kt syira mcm ni juga ye?

adrinaqamarina said...

ara ara ara,,,
ta de shout box o rina yang ta perasan,,,
thanks follow oke!
feel free na follow kamo jugak...

chumil la bnde sebenarnye kan?
dulu dye penah buat kan,,,
tapi dye ta mo kasi tau cam ne buat...

Ara said...

rina rina rina
kawan hakim kat fms kan?
thanks follow jugak :)
sorry shoutbox tak buat lagi
sebab yg dulu2 punye coding dia hilang
and pssword lupe. adoi. nnti ara buat baru

btw benda ni buat kat sini okey

nanti dekat tab 'draw graffiti' tu, just insert the name of that person, then click draw. selamat mencuba :)

rahilla mohari said...

cute oke :)

adrinaqamarina said...


thanks ara,,,

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